The Tunisian Makloub is a taco like "fast food" eaten regularly alongside with sandwichs and pizza. There are many variations for this Makloub buy I will try to explain the most famous one, the "escalope" wich is basically some turkey steak.

For the base layer:

Use regular pizza dough, open it up like spreading a pizza and then add some cheese (any kind that melts.. be crazy!) and some "escalope" For the "escalope" it should be well grilled with little (if no) spice. And then cut to very small pieces. Put that in the oven for 3-4 minutes, just enough to see the dough cook up.

For the toppings, mayonnaise is usually combined with hot-sauce, garlic sauce, white cheese... (no ketchup!)

After that we finish with some salade, tomatoes, onion,... Wrap it up, cut it in 2 halfs, and serve it in a flat plate with some french fries along the side. You can dress the french fries with ketchup and/or mayonnaise.